Our MIKOH: Part 1 & 2


The conception of mikoh was founded upon honoring the grace, strength and beauty of a woman.

Our mikoh celebrates what we find most beautiful in women- diversity, resilience and strength, and embracing every part of who we are as females. The soft curves of our bodies, the scars that honor our paths, the smile lines that show a life of laughter, and the togetherness of generations that pass on our family heritage.

These images reflect the strength of women from a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages and is a statement of beauty being ageless and multifaceted.

Our mikoh is a lens to view women in all their diverse glory. It celebrates that true strength exists in the space created by our differences. We are seeking to give women the same sense of confidence, fierceness, fire, and determination that these women and girls radiate.

We hope our mikoh inspires you to live your most authentic self and to have the courage to honor just exactly who you are as a woman.


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