Goop Beauty: Oleema and Kalani Miller's Beachy Glow

They surf, spa, and run a fashion business together, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, cofounders of the chic swimwear and clothing line Mikoh, have a similar approach to beauty: Let the beach give you a hand. “I don’t even know how to do beach waves,” says Oleema, whose long dark hair gets its texture from early-morning dips in the sun-warmed Pacific, surfing after work (she used to do it competitively), and the gentle, salt-flecked breezes of Oahu, where she and her older sister, business partner, and best friend, Kalani, both live part-time. “Neither one of us knows. We don’t even brush our hair,” she laughs. At 33 and 34, the sisters have found that their approach to taking care of their skin has become a bit more intentional—sunscreen has always been part of the picture, but moisturizing has recently become more important—while their makeup philosophy remains fresh and fun.

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