The Women Behind Strength

Meet Debbie, Sarina, River, Brianna, Lindsay, Meme, Katie, and Sherri

Eight women, eight stories, eight battles, eight meanings of STRENGTH.


Debbie is a 30 year survivor and an absolute ray of sunshine. She considers her journey as one full of faith and love. With support from her doctors, family, and friends, she was able to follow her dreams and have a second chance at life.

At 44, Sarina was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, the most common form of breast cancer. In addition to diagnosis, her tumors had “tubular features,” which is considered rare but meant that her tumors were slowly growing.

Due to being in the midst of COVID, she found it difficult to get timely treatments and her surgery got canceled indefinitely.

With persistency and unwavering support from friends and loved ones, they rallied together for Sarina to be under the best care of Dr. Tokin. She had her mastectomy surgery in August 2021 and reconstructive surgery in October 2021.

River decided to have her first mammogram after hearing about Sarina.

She was diagnosed with triple negative BC, and it had spread. She also went through gene testing and discovered she had the BRCA mutation.

Through intensive chemo, a double mastectomy, and radiation treatments, she stays true to her radiant energy and loving spirit. She had a preventative hysterectomy and is scheduled for her breast reconstruction later this spring. You can learn more about her story here

At 30, Brianna was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She went through a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Sarina kindly connected us to Brianna to be a part of STRENGTH Collection.

“Brianna has a wealth of knowledge and has helped me in so many ways with information in regards to breast cancer. She’s also the absolute sweetest woman.” -Sarina


Apart from being a survivor, Lindsay is a lot of things. A mom of 2, a grandma, an avid surfer, snowboarder, traveler, adventurer who loves books, art, wine, food. She’s a former National Champion in 2 sports and was an alternate to the Olympic Team.

She encourages everyone to “check yourself” and go get their mammograms. “My journey is a little sprint compared to the marathon for those who don’t catch it early.”

Meme thrives on connecting with people. During treatment, she sought to form a small group of young women on Big Island going through similar breast cancer treatment.

“My dream is to use all the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years during my journey to help other women/men diagnosed with cancer to help ease their burden and offer an ear to listen and a humble heart to empathize.”

She is a passionate, caring mother of two and her husband and children are her driving force. She is also a lover of the ocean and all water sports.

In 2012, Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer. “It's crazy how in a blink of an eye your life can turn upside down and is changed forever. And at that moment, in the most difficult challenges of your life you have the choice of which path you are going to choose.

My daughter Brisa was only 11 and I knew the positive road was the only way no matter what. I was awakened to how precious life is and how strong I could be.” Katie considers the ocean and surfing as her salvation. She learned that you will never fight cancer alone with all the support and love she has from her husband, daughter, and friends.

“They got me out surfing everyday no matter what. Cancer was a battle and journey I don't regret and wouldn't change.”

“Strength is grace under pressure.” Sherri is full of life and love. She enjoys living large and charging hard.

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