MIKOH TRAVELS: Oleema in Capri


We'll be taking you on a dreamy tour of Capri, Italy.

Follow along as Oleema takes you through inside and out of this idyllic escape with stunning coastlines, electric blue waters, and of course lots of Aperol spritz’s and pasta that will have your mouth watering.

Below is our guide of what to see, eat, stay, wear, and play. Ciao!



La Fontelina beach club is an absolute must. Get there early (better yet, have someone help you make a reservation so that you are guaranteed a spot!), bring lots of sunscreen, a hat, a change of clothes and plan on spending your days under the Italian sun. Plan for lunch at their restaurant and a flow of Aperol Spritz throughout the day. Absolute bliss.

A stripe on stripe ensemble seaside is always a good idea. The Rotuma shirt and Catalina top are no exception. A wardrobe full of a classic staple print will stand the test of time.


Dining at Da Paolino will be an unforgettable experience. Dining under a canopy and citrus and underneath the stars will be something that will stay in your mind forever. The freshest pasta, salads, and limoncello are the perfect choice.

The Aniwa dress is a must. The green stripes feel nostalgic of Italy and the lightweight material goes perfect from swimming to a seaside lunch.


La Minerva. The absolute cutest boutique hotel ran by two brothers, who are on property each day and go above and beyond to make your stay unforgettable! Each room is unique and is decorated to perfection.


Renting a boat is a must. Pack for a day at sea and discover the incredible coastline of Capri. No visit is complete without seeing the Faraglioni rocks- and a traditional kiss when you pass through the arch. Seeing the grottos, feeling the Italian air, and jumping for a quick dip to cool off will have you saying Mamma Mia!

A classic black maillot like the Malta will let the backdrop of Capri shine and create the perfect look while at sea.


Roam the winding streets of Capri and discover the endless jewelry stores and ceramics. Each store has something different to offer so make sure to have comfy shoes on and be ready to pop in whenever something catches your eye. As a rule of thumb, I always buy little trinkets when I see them as the chances of you going back to that exact shop later aren’t super high. Or, if you’re in the mood for luxury, Capri is for you. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Hermes… all the heavy hitters are on island and waiting for you to come in to discover the best that Europe has to offer.

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